3 Critical NYE / Party Photo Tips

That's right...critical

New Year’s Eve / Party Photo Tips

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! And while I will likely be in my onesie jammies on the couch all night, the cool kids will be dressed to the nines and at some fabulous party. When you hit the party with all your beautiful friends, you’ll want to capture the moments with ALL the pictures. I’m here to give you some quick tips on how to look *the* most beautiful in the photos.


{I’m sacrificing humility here and using before and afters of my own damn self. You’re welcome.}

Anyone who knows me knows this tip… CHIN OUT AND DOWN. 

Imma just show you right here:


Point your chin straight out towards the camera, like a damn turtle. If it doesn’t feel weird, you’re not doing it right.  Then drop your chin ever so slightly down to make eyes appear larger.


Push it back! Anything you want to appear smaller, push to the back. Check it out:


Normally we don’t pose for photos straight on like this but I wanted to give a clear example of what I mean. If you pop one knee out towards the camera, put your weight on the BACK leg. Test it out in front of the mirror. If you put your weight on the front leg, that leg and hip will appear larger. Ain’t nobody want that. Shift it all back and watch the slimming occur!


This tip is one people always forget. Your waist is not down above your hips… it’s way up on your ribcage. To bring the eye to the smallest part of a woman’s body (the waist), use your hands or even a belt. If using the hands there, you’ll get the added benefit of lifting your arms off your body which is an added tip… tip 3.1, if you will.


I’ve now given you three tips that will have you *this* much closer to supermodel status; trivial in the grand scheme of things but hey, we all want to look nice in photos.

Happy New Year!
Kisses xxxx

Kris Janovitz