Am I heartless? You be the judge.

If there's one thing people should know is that I'm not one of those moms who cry when their child grows out of one stage and moves on to the next. I've always viewed the "next phase" as something to look forward to... for them AND for me. When they could hold their own bottle, I didn't have to anymore. When they started walking, I no longer had to lug their needy ever-growing bodies around. When they got on the bus for the first time, I rejoiced with the idea of being that much closer to feeling human again. So basically what this means is I'm incredibly selfish and heartless. jk people. I mean, yes, their independence led to my independence but I was just always super proud of the humans they were growing becoming. I don't take credit for my kids (or BLAME at times!) because they are awesome in spite of me and what I've done that could have otherwise scarred them for life. So, kudos to them for their resilience. Well done, cherubs!

HOW-EVER.... this "going off to college" thing is not easy. It makes me want to throw up a little actually. This is when your children gain the most amount of independence they've ever experienced. And if there's one thing I know about my 2nd born (who is leaving this fall) it's that she won't look back. That kid is on to bigger and better things and I suspect I'll have to remind her of the little people who helped her get to where she is one day. DON'T FORGET ME SKYLAR! So while I'm so so so super incredibly excited for her, I do think this will be a challenge for me. The high school graduation will be a happy event. We then have the summer to try and spend as much time together as possible, which I know will mostly consist of me begging her to have dinner with me a couple of times over those last few months. But the college drop-off? No... can't go there yet.

All this being said, (here comes the sales pitch) now is the best time for senior portraits! For real...this wasn't going to be a salesy. I was just sharing my thoughts after having gone to Skylar's final theater performance last night. But it reminded me that we need to take her senior portraits and then I remembered I haven't shoved this in your faces enough lately.

So, here:

Suwanee Senior Photographer.jpg