And then this happened...




(That's our Jeep.  That's my bandana that was on my head over there by the driver's headrest.  And that's me, writhing in pain in the passenger seat, waiting for the ambulance.)

Hey I have a story to tell ya. Come on over and have a sit down. This is a little yarn I like to call "Why I'm laying on the couch day in and and day out with broken back parts and some broken ribs and a wee little broken toe."  Alternative title: "How not working for three months sucks". Or "Some guy put my life on hold - the car ride that went wrong". 

Short story is this: Easter Sunday car ride ends with some guy crossing the yellow lines and hits us head on, putting me in the hospital for a few days and breaking David's foot. I'll spare you the details but suffice to say, the lack of control over the entire situation, from the actual crash to now needing to wait for my bones to heal, is maddening. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful to be here with only broken body parts. It could have been so much worse.  But taking a time-out from life like this is not something one plans. In particular being self-employed and now not being able to work is not something I thought I'd have to face anytime soon. Business was going well and I had just rebranded and restructured and I was super excited about the direction things were headed. Then, crash, and life was like, "nope don't think so". 

I'm sure there's a reason for the accident as I pretty much live my life by "everything happens for a reason", but I just don't see it yet. 

So I can't work for a few months. I'm willing my bones to heal quicker so I can get some of you booked who wanted to take advantage of the Mother's Day promo! I promise to get everyone booked who has requested shoot times. I just have to see how quickly my vertebrae and ribs heal.

Thank you all for your patience and outpouring of love and support! I do feel incredibly lucky, not only to be alive, but to have such an amazing support system of family, friends and clients! You are all the absolute best. 



Ann Bakas

4/27/2017 08:51:47 am

The pic of you in the jeep literally breaks my heart. So glad you are on the mend.


Jodi Gill

4/27/2017 08:57:26 am

so sorry for your injuries! A prayer that you are healed faster than humanly possibly!!


Ronda Petrin

4/27/2017 12:41:34 pm

I'm so sorry! Those pics are scary and I did not realize you were in the jeep until you pointed it out!


Kris Janovitz