Are YOU your Brand?

When I think about what makes my business unique, I always come back to a simple answer: ME! I *am* my brand so I need to have a great headshot that shows a little about who I am. I want to be professional yet approachable. Mostly I'm a huge goofball and spend a lot of time laughing. I'd say my current headshot shows who I am and what I do.  So what do you need to do to make yourself the face of your brand?

1. Determine what you want your brand to say

Atlanta Portrait Glamour Photographer-24.jpg

Do you have a serious message with your brand or are you a more relaxed business?  Do you want to be seen as unique among the masses or fit in with the rest of your industry standards?  You want to have a clear idea of what you want your message to be. People should get a sense of the type of business you run just from looking at your headshot. I work with your brand colors and styles in order to provide a congruent look for your headshot.

2. Create a portfolio of *you*


If you have a business that requires frequent blog or website updates or if you do regular mailings, whether it be email or by snailmail, have a arsenal of photos of yourself ready to use. During my custom headshots, I have my client bring at least three different looks. That way we can create a portfolio of images, including headshots, full body and 3/4 body shots, that can be used for as long as your look remains constant.

3. Have FUN!

If you're not having fun during your shoot, one, I'm not doing my job and two, it will show in your photos. And I assure you, I make the process as fun as possible! Many of my clients who start out saying they are not photogenic end up LOVING their photos. That's because I listen to you and hear your concerns and fears. I work with you to get the most amazing headshot of yourself that you've ever seen. It's what I love to do!

Kris Janovitz