BETH - OCTOBER 14 2016

Beth won a gift voucher at ShamRockin' For A Cure, a cause near and dear to her heart.  {check out this amazing event that raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation}.  It took us nearly a year, but we finally got her in the studio!  And I'm SO glad we did because she's now one of my favorite people!  Her photos are some of the most beautiful I've had the sheer pleasure of producing. She thinks I tell everyone this, but I LOVED all of her photos. I kid you not...typically I will present 30-40 prints at a reveal and for her, I had 60 that I eventually had to pair down to 30 just to fit in my reveal space!  


Beth watched her custom video before being brought in to see her images up on the reveal wall. Even I was moved by seeing her beautiful portraits set to music!


This is the naturally beautiful Beth
(her photo I may or may not have lifted from Facebook because I forgot to take a "before" pic, AGAIN).


And here is a sample of the different looks we put together for Beth.  She brought in 5 outfits and we chose three great looks that emphasized her amazing physique (she IS a fitness instructor and personal trainer... you can find her at the Ed Isakson YMCA in Alpharetta) and also provides her with several looks for her to use for social media, business or personal use.

















Kris Janovitz