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Am I heartless? You be the judge.

If there's one thing people should know is that I'm not one of those moms who cry when their child grows out of one stage and moves on to the next. I've always viewed the "next phase" as something to look forward to... for them AND for me. When they could hold their own bottle, I didn't have to anymore. When they started walking, I no longer had to lug their needy ever-growing bodies around. When they got on the bus for the first time, I rejoiced with the idea of being that much closer to feeling human again. So basically what this means is I'm incredibly selfish and heartless. jk people. I mean, yes, their independence led to my independence but I was just always super proud of the humans they were growing becoming. I don't take credit for my kids (or BLAME at times!) because they are awesome in spite of me and what I've done that could have otherwise scarred them for life. So, kudos to them for their resilience. Well done, cherubs!

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