Just call me Guru Kiki

If you follow me on any sort of social media, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been attending a lot of personal/professional development conferences, meetings, events….I’m super developed now. I mean, I’m like a damn guru now. FOLLOW ME AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY, MY LITTLE LAMBS.

But really, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about advocacy and what gives me the most satisfaction in my life. And it always comes back to talking people through transitions…navigating something in their lives that maybe they didn’t expect or plan for. Having navigated some pretty big transitions in my own life, I have a lot of thoughts about what has worked/not worked for me and those around me who have gone through similar transitions.


Listen, we all experience changes and live through transitions. But what I could have used was someone to guide me. I’m lucky in that I have an amazing family and fantastic friends. Yet, I still felt so alone at times. It didn’t matter than I could vent to my loved ones… did they REALLY get what I was experiencing and have solid guidance based on experience? Not really.

And so, I am now focusing on being that person for others in a professional capacity. My photography is still my love and will likely be integrated into part of this new venture. I don’t know what title I’ll end up with but “coach”, in my own head, just has me with a whistle out on the field. Guide, Mentor, Advisor, Advocate… these are all labels that accurately describe what I do on a regular basis in my life. My experiences that have guided me to wanting to do more:

• I work with women 40+ where life transitions are happening and who are coming into their own again (empty nest, divorce, career changes)

• I’m an advocate for the LGBTQI community and an Ally in the transgender community (having a transgender child of my own)

• I have lived through experiences with family and friends struggling with mental health/addiction issues, including navigating the world of rehab

• Survived the dark side of the deterioration of my own marriage and subsequent divorce and came out thriving, as well as a friendly co-parenting relationship with my ex.

• I also know American Sign Language in a conversational capacity… it’s a language, culture and community I adore. I don’t get to use it often enough so I ask for patience with my Deaf friends/clients.

I’d say I can speak to all the above issues with confidence. Stay tuned for more as I focus on developing a solid program offering for clients. And please keep in mind anyone that you feel would be a good fit and would benefit from working with me.