I'm only dating to entertain you at this point

So you’re welcome. As previously discussed, your girl here likes being in a relationship. Just how I roll. But I don’t need one. I’m ok with work, family and friends, as well as focusing on personal growth <— that one in particular everyone should focus on (that’s the bridge to my dating stories as if I needed to point that out)…

Have you ever gone on a date where you stand up, pat them on the head and say, “good luck” and walk out? No? Well… let’s talk about last night then shall we?

(he also didn’t like Obama, soooo….

(he also didn’t like Obama, soooo….

I feel particularly compelled to write about this one because of how incredibly frustrating it was. I should have left after he kept misgendering my child and continued to use the words “transgenders” and “transexuals” after I explained why those weren’t okay. Oh but he’s a LIBERTARIAN… so it’s all ok, as long as the government doesn’t get involved. High and mighty motherfucker. Let’s talk about the bathrooms, shall we? I mean, I really didn’t but this dude just wanted a sparring partner. He took joy in saying he knew of “7 cases of assault” because of perverts claiming to identify as women. *rubbing eyes, deep breath, considering if I should even bother here* Dudebro, they’re not transgender. They’re assholes. For the record, there has not been a single case of a transgender person sexually assaulting another person in a bathroom. They just want to pee.

But he seemed to soften a bit when I explained that trans people don’t want special bathroom laws… just protections against others who want to create laws to prohibit them from using the bathroom that aligns with their identity. Oh ok. Got past that and I was thinking, “Cool we’re talking about ayahuasca and different psychedelics related to mental health. Conversation has shifted and we’re on the same page. Wonderful. This guy is beautiful. Those blue eyes…”


“White Privilege”… oh that went sideways real quick. According to Mr. Lib here, it doesn’t exist and he has proof because a black person said so. Well now, can’t argue with those facts. After being told I’m brainwashed and can’t think for myself, I stood up, patted him on the head, said “good luck” and walked out.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Guess who doesn’t like being rejected? Mr. Lib! He proceeded to text me the following… in case you thought I was joking about the level of condescension:


At a certain point, you just don’t argue back. I enjoy not giving him the satisfaction of engaging.

Moral of the story: I’m clearly going to die alone.

Kris Janovitz