International Women's Day


Every day is "Women's Day" in my world. But having a specific day designated to be reminded of how awesome women truly are is pretty cool. Guys (and by "guys" I mean "all you women")... I've been talking about empowerment for years. What does empowerment look like to you? For me, it's taking control... of your life, either entirely all at once or piece by piece. Whatever works for you. But when a woman starts to make decisions for her own well-being, that's when she starts to thrive.

One of the most empowering steps I've been so grateful to witness is when a woman comes to me to capture her at this moment, even though she may not be feeling at the top of her game. She is tired and perhaps worn down by life... failed marriage, child in turmoil, financial stress (just described myself there!) She has decided to take time for just her. Or maybe her and her children or with her significant other. Along with my amazing hair and makeup artist Michele, we bring out the very best version of our women clients. A little pampering, some laughter and a quick lesson in posing and lighting and our client shines. Showing her the images on the back of the camera as we begin, she sees how beautiful she truly is. Right now. Even as life goes on around her.

Confidence. Joy. Self-love.  These are gifts I get to share with the women who come to my studio.

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