Me... a life coach? I know, scary. But hear me out...

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As you may or may not know, I am the mother of a transgender child. This alone doesn’t qualify me to coach other women in the same situation. However, we’ve been there and done so much of that and I’ve been quietly offering guidance and coaching to other moms for years now. I’m an “Ally Mom” (See what that’s all about HERE) which means I’m on a national database where people in need of resources, information or just to hear “you’re ok” can call or text me and have a conversation or two. What an amazingly gratifying experience to be able to assist a child in crisis or a parent who just needs to know they’re not alone!

In addition, my daughter and I have appeared on the last 4 seasons of “I Am Jazz” on TLC. Sharing our experiences with the Jennings family in this platform has created so many more opportunities to reach people across the country. Having become friends with Jeanette has been one of the highlights of our journey. We travel to Philadelphia every year to attend the Trans Wellness Conference, where myself and several other amazing women work with Jeanette to spread the word about their foundation, Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation. We’ve been on a panel with Jazz and Jeanette and another wonderful family (Noelle and Cheryl!) discussing our experiences and talking with other attendees at the conference.

I live in a constant state of gratitude for the direction our journey has taken us. And now I am able to use my experiences to help other women.

If you {or someone you know} is going through this transition in your family, please read more about my coaching HERE and fill out a quick form HERE for a free consultation to see if we’d be a good fit to work together!

Kris Janovitz