Before I get into the post about what they are and why I love them, I'm asking for referrals! It's my quiet time and I'd love to hear from folks who are ready for their personalized lifestyle shoot!  Who do you know that will love me?? :-)

They'll love ya!


Oh how I love lifestyle shoots!  And February and March are super quiet so I have extra time right now to get a bunch of these in.  

I am going into homes and shooting people in their natural environments! It's so much fun and so much more relaxing than shooting in the studio...though these sessions can be done in studio for sure.
Picture this:  

at home with a friend or two with a bottle of wine and some great snacks, listening to music and laughing your heads off = amazing photos of you and your friends;


you and your children and significant other, playing games and cuddling on the couch or on the bed, being silly = beautiful cherished family photos that show you guys how you normally interact.

So I set out to show you all how a lifestyle shoot can look to you. I put a call out for a session and Sarah contact me about shooting her and her daughter, Hannah.  The session is below:





































































Let me tell you how I was inspired to add these sessions to my repertoire...

I read this post in a group and it got me thinking:

"About a month ago a woman on here had posted that some jerk commented on her dating profile that she looked like the type of woman who could eat a whole pizza. Rather than letting that make her start to question or judge herself she decided to love herself and posted an awesome picture of her eating a whole box of pizza. I loved the photo, the confidence and the self love and thought that if I were ever to do boudoir, I would much rather do something like that and show the real me than go to extremes to transform into something I'm not to portray a more stereotypical image. 

To the woman from the original post, thanks for being incredibly inspiring."


{photo by Stacey Stewart Photography}

They'll love ya!

I love this so much. I want to give this gift to us...women who never believe we are "good enough". We ARE good enough...right now and and I love to say we are all:

Kris Janovitz