Lisa & Ron's Wedding

I love this family. I mean, I love all of my couples, but this family is very special to me. Lisa, Maddy and Darby have only been in my life for a couple of years but I love them dearly. It's been a tough road for them at times (a LOT of times) and here they stand, stronger than ever. Ron and Lisa have known one another since they were kids. They only sparked up a romance this past year and what a romance it's been! I mean, LOOK AT THE HAPPY ON THEIR FACES!!!  You can see the joy, respect and love they have for one another... and for those kids. I cried several times during the day... mostly during their first dance. It's difficult to take photos when you have tears in your eyes! 

The wedding took place at Lisa's friends ranch in Auburn, Georgia. It was GORGEOUS. And the food truck CATTYWAMPUS was ah-mazing! Sterling dj'd the wedding and did a great job. Enjoy the photos!

Kris Janovitz