As some of you are aware, I've recently moved studios.  I loved my little studio but it was time for a change.  And because it's time for a change, I've decided to rebrand my business.  In rebranding, I spent a lot of time thinking about what it is that sets my business apart from other photographers who may produce similar work to mine.  I like to think that it's *me*!  I am what sets me apart from any other photographer.  I fully relate to my clients and consider them friends after we shoot together.  And I didn't want to just come up with a catchy name that also expressed what it is that I do.... so I chose to represent my brand by using the thing that makes me, *me*.  Since I can't express my personality through a logo, I've chosen to use my name.   So without further ado, 



I can't wait to start shooting in studio and on location this spring! 2017 Seniors... can't wait!

Website updates coming soon! For now, will be forwarded here!  
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Kris Janovitz