So...What's Up?



Hey there.  It's been a minute since I blogged.  A lot has been going on around here. I thought I would take a moment and share some things.  Rather than bore you with the details, let's bullet point this nonsense:

  • car accident in April - out of work for months - I'm baaaack
  • my car broken into in Atlanta - camera and lens stolen, but didn't realize it until recently (thought Spencer had it) erg
  • both cats had bladder infections and peed ALL OVER ALL OF THE FURNITURE
  • summer trip to New England - a great time had by all, except that one trip to the ER for one of Skylar's friends (sorry Jello for the broken hand)
  • home from trip to a pile of medical bills *this* high (it's high)
  • brakes on my car gave up. $$$$ later, all fixed

So, some bad luck sprinkled with some fun times.  I think I'm done with the badness stuff *knock wood* so on to a great 2nd part of the year!  I'm excited about some new business partnerships and end of summer senior photo shoots!

hope you all had a great summer (in the South, summer is winding down. Up North, enjoy the rest of your summer!)  

Let's Shoot!


Here's a mishmash of mostly snapshots of our summer with a few work shoots thrown in!





























Kris Janovitz