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The Bane of my Existence? Turns out, not so much.


Keeping my glasses clean takes up approximately 92% of my day. If you see me out and about, I’m either cleaning them or holding them up to a light source to determine the appropriate cleaning method. Like, can I get by with just a quick swipe of my shirt or is this a full-on dish-soap-at-the-sink schmutz? I have no fewer than 3 different cleaning cloths in my bag and/or car at any given time and once a month, I give them all a little bath and hang them around my kitchen. It ends up looking like a bunch of mice had a pool party at the sink… little towels everywhere drying out. Sadly, bathing these cleaning cloths never seems to get them back to their original state. I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. Or maybe those are never meant to be washed? I should probably Google this shit. I’ve tried the disposable individually wrapped wet wipes and those just make them more streaky. Honestly, clean glasses are the bane of my existence.

An aside….after I typed that last phrase, I became curious about it’s etymology. I found this on Urban Dictionary:

Something that is so disagreeable with your spirit that it feels like its existence might negate yours.

This goes further than "hate," and implies that you and the object in question are sworn enemies.

And now I see that my usage of the phrase was not entirely called for. Clean glasses are so disagreeable with my spirit that they do seem to exist to negate mine. But clean glasses are certainly not my sworn enemy.

I have to go clean my glasses right now. I tried the shirt method and it made things worse and now it’s like a fog rolled into my family room.


I just can't.

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