The Empowered Woman...what does that look like?

My new service is called “The Empowered Woman”.

“It’s time to get realigned with authenticity and own the power of your visibility.”


Sounds powerful, no? WELL IT IS. But what does it mean and what will it look like for you? First let’s look at the word “empowered”.

Atlanta photographer coach.jpg
Atlanta photographer coach.jpg

Women spend a whole lot of time wrapped up in self-limiting beliefs. We apologize for merely existing 50 times a day. We deflect our own strengths and awesomeness and continue to believe we are “not enough” (I’ll show restraint today by not diving into this topic once again). Being empowered here means letting go of these beliefs and behaviors and being fully aware of what we bring to the table. Everyone has a super power. It’s recognizing and celebrating your special super power that will have you living a more empowered life.



So how does one go about starting this journey of getting realigned and what is authenticity all about? Underneath all of the fears, doubts and insecurities lies your authentic self. The person you were born to be. The essence of you that has been watered down throughout life by family members, acquaintances, lovers, bosses, and by the media that is constantly bombarding us with messages that we constantly need improvement. And not the good kind of improvements like mental well-being and self-awareness.

Once we start pulling off the weight of those fears, doubts and insecurities, we can start to realize how powerful our own visibility can be. Start showing up and using your super powers and shit’s gonna change!



Here’s what we will do together over four weeks:

• Dig into some self-limiting beliefs

• Set up a new Mantra for your super power

• Reinforce NEW beliefs and hold accountable a new way of thinking about yourself

• End with an empowering photoshoot where your new beliefs will shine through!

What you’ll get:

Three weeks of awesome coaching that will have you feeling more confident and aligned. One empowering photo shoot that will remind you of how beautiful and powerful you truly are. You’ll choose 5 beautifully edited digitals to download and use for social media, business or to have as a legacy for your family and friends.


{5 digitals alone are valued at $750 + plus 3 weeks of coaching you to a new sense of confidence = Priceless}

Kris Janovitz