Woo-woo books that I quite enjoy because keep telling me I'm awesome.

What do these books all have in common? I'd be interested to hear from other people who have read all three. I'll tell you my thoughts on the common thread. Depending on your feelings about manifestation, you'll either love the message in these books or want to light them on fire.


For me, when I'm feeling uninspired and "stuck", I open one of these and start to refocus my energy. I'm a big believe in karma and energy attracting like energy. When I focus on positive thoughts and energy, great things happen in my life. When I'm down and at a low-vibration level, it's all "waa-wah" around here.

Yes, there's a lot of woo-woo in the first two of these books... take from it the TL/DR message and see what it does for you. Jen Sincero has taken the same message of "everything you want is already out there - just gotta ask for it" but puts it all in layperson's language that is easily digestible and also very entertaining. I just started her other Badass book about money and so far the message is essentially the same... just focused on money. I'll report back if there's anything I find that's ground-breakingly different than the original.

Anyhoo, I'm a wanna-be borderline woo-woo enthusiast so I love this shit. Also, the messages are just plain uplifting and super positive, so you can't hate on that too much. I mean, you can, but then you're just being a jerk.


Kris Janovitz