I understand. I was there just a short 7.5 years ago. But OH what I’ve learned since then. My mission is to guide other mamas on this journey and to save you the aggravation, frustration and SO SO SO much time that I spent researching, making mistakes and learning the ropes. Not only am I able to provide you with amazing resources but I offer 100% unconditional emotional support… which is more valuable than anything else!

One of the things that happens through this journey is rediscovering who WE are as moms, women and our new role in the world. Do we choose to quietly handle our “new normal” family life or step into activism and get involved in influencing and educating the general population?

I chose to step into my role because that’s just who I am. It is not for everyone. And it can be quite dangerous for some. We live in a bubble of safety and security but because of that, I’m able to be an open book and help other people by talking about our story publicly.

So now I’m here for you. Let’s talk about what you’re going through and let me take some of the weight from your shoulders and guide you more gently through this process. You’re not alone.


As well as being a coach of parents with transgender or gender non-conforming children, I am part of a national database called Ally Parents. We take calls and texts from youth who are struggling with acceptance in their own families and/or communities. I provide unconditional support, guidance and resources to parents who are stepping into their new role as the parent of a transgender or gender non-conforming child. I am a member of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, PFLAG, Gwinnett Chamber and on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners. In addition, I also run a photography business!