The Empowered Woman


The Why

Over the years I’ve had women come into my studio who I have never met prior to that day. Some will arrive with such a bad self-image that it is heartbreaking to witness. My goal is to peel away some of the self-doubt and try to figure out where their “inner critics” are showing up in their lives. Inner critics are those little voices inside of our heads that tell us we are not enough — not pretty enough, thin enough, young enough, etc. — and that we are not worthy. Does this sound familiar? “I’ll have my photo taken when I lose 10 more pounds.” “I need to have a tan first.” “I look so old.” The worst is when a client comes in and tells us that her mother/father/spouse has never told her how beautiful she is! If you never hear from your closest people that you are worthy, you start to believe it.


The How

We will spend three weeks prior to your portrait experience in a coaching relationship. This means once a week we will either meet in person or get on a phone or video call and start working together on identifying your true self so that you can fully express how you want to live on your own terms. Issues that bring up feelings of guilt (hello moms!), suffering or any kind of struggle can be addressed during these calls and we will start to flip the script and change mindset and perspectives around this agreed upon subject.


what then

After we have peeled back some layers of self-loathing (easy peasy), you will have new-found feelings of confidence. You will come to the studio to have your hair and makeup done by the ever amazing Michele Franco. We will talk about outfit selections and fully style your looks. Then we will have an empowering photo session where you will step into your new badass attitude about yourself as well as learn some tricks of the trade…lighting, posing, etc.