We were fortunate to have met up with Jeanette and Jazz while they were in Atlanta in the early stages of our journey. Skylar and Jazz became quick friends and I still count Jeanette among my closest friends. I {heart} her! Jazz has become an amazing young woman who has taken her activism to the next level, speaking so eloquently about trans rights as well as showing people that she’s just a normal girl! Through the years we have been asked to appear on their tv show on TLC, “I Am Jazz”. They have been the pioneers in the community, educating and advocating for the transgender community since Jazz was a little girl. Skylar has gone through some milestones just before Jazz did and Skylar’s appearance on the show not only introduces certain topics like dating and surgery, but also gives a fresh look at how normal these kids are and even in the face of such obstacles, they’re still goofy teenagers laughing and taking about farting, etc! I count my lucky stars that they were brought into our lives and I will forever be grateful for their friendship and unconditional love they share with us!

{6 years ago… they were such little peanuts!}