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I’m bringing an exclusive integrated approach to portrait sessions.

This new methodology will be a transformative experience with the end goal to achieve a breakthrough for my clients combining the body, mind and spirit.


I am dedicated to helping women transform long-held beliefs about themselves that no longer serve them.


Hi. I’m Kris and I’m a portrait photographer and a coach for women. I not only work with moms of transgender or gender non-conforming children {see more HERE} but also with women from all walks of life before they enter my studio.

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The Empowered Woman


The Why

Over the years I’ve had women come into my studio who I have never met prior to that day. Some will arrive with such a bad self-image that it is heartbreaking to witness. My goal is to peel away some of the self-doubt and try to figure out where their “inner critics” are showing up in their lives. Inner critics are those little voices inside of our heads that tell us we are not enough — not pretty enough, thin enough, young enough, etc. — and that we are not worthy. Does this sound familiar? “I’ll have my photo taken when I lose 10 more pounds.” “I need to have a tan first.” “I look so old.” The worst is when a client comes in and tells us that her mother/father/spouse has never told her how beautiful she is! If you never hear from your closest people that you are worthy, you start to believe it.


The How

We will spend three weeks prior to your portrait experience in a coaching relationship. This means once a week we will either meet in person or get on a phone or video call and start working together on identifying your true self so that you can fully express how you want to live on your own terms. Issues that bring up feelings of guilt (hello moms!), suffering or any kind of struggle can be addressed during these calls and we will start to flip the script and change mindset and perspectives around this agreed upon subject.


what then

After we have peeled back some layers of self-loathing (easy peasy), you will have new-found feelings of confidence. You will come to the studio to have your hair and makeup done by the ever amazing Michele Franco. We will talk about outfit selections and fully style your looks. Then we will have an empowering photo session where you will step into your new badass attitude about yourself as well as learn some tricks of the trade…lighting, posing, etc.

50 Over 50 Photo Project

Are you a woman over 50?

Come and be part of my exciting ‘50 OVER 50’ photographic project – a celebration of the diversity, strength, beauty, essence and wisdom of women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.


Why over 50, why me and why now?

I have seen more and more women living their very best lives after turning 50. We seem to come into ourselves and become invincible! It shouldn't just be the 20-something women with flawless, collagen-filled tight skin who should love photographs of themselves. I wanted to create something very special as a gift for ALL women to enjoy.

I would love you to join me on this adventure to create 50 beautiful portraits of 50 women who share the common bond of being 50 and over.

Through the 50 OVER 50 project, we can…

Show the world that beauty doesn’t diminish with age.

Shine the light on our character, wisdom and spirit.

Share stories about what it means to be an older woman in today’s world.

Stand tall and appreciate every scar, every line and every grey hair.

Let me hold your hand through this process and show you how much fun having your portrait taken will be!

What You Receive:

As one of my ‘50 OVER 50’ women, you will receive a wonderful package which includes:

• Pre-consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed including a style consultation.

• Hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot (you will feel amazing!)

• Fully guided professional photo shoot that you will truly enjoy.

• A reviewing session where you can see all your beautiful photographs.

• Inclusion in a Photo Book at the end of the project

Other conditions may apply.

The project will be promoted in many ways so you’ll need to be happy with…

•Being interviewed by me before and after the photoshoot about being a woman over 50. This may include video interviews.

•That interview being shared on my website and social media.

•Your photo being included in the Photo Book.

I will keep in touch with all participants throughout the project with updates, insights and information.


My proprietary coaching program, Thriving Through Transition, helps women in transition solve the overwhelm. They come to me feeling like they don’t know where to start and after they have worked with me they feel like they can do this and that they don’t have to do it alone. My program will guide them through actionable material on the logistics of the how-tos as well as the emotions that go along with stepping into their new normal. After working with me, you will have the tools to do the things you need to do, resource lists, a sense of community and an overall sense of peace.


Coaching For Women

Specializing in women with transgender or gender non-conforming children



I am the proud mother of three awesome children, one who is transgender. I’m also a photographer and a passionate coach for women who are going through the transition stage with their transgender child. It can be a confusing, emotional and complicated process, one that could potentially throw your life upside down. After going through this sometimes painful and complicated journey with my own daughter for the last 8 years, I decided to shift my time, passion and career to helping women through this emotionally complex process. And as a 49 year old woman constantly reinventing myself due to circumstances or boredom, I welcome women from all stages and walks of life to join me in a powerful coaching relationship!

What Qualifies Me?

I’ve been there

I understand. I moved 1000 miles away from everyone and everything I knew, got divorced and my child transitioned 8 years ago. But oh what I’ve learned since then. My mission is to guide other women on their journey and to save you the aggravation, frustration and SO SO SO much time that I spent researching, making mistakes and learning the ropes. Not only am I able to provide you with amazing resources but I offer 100% unconditional emotional support… which is more valuable than anything else!

One of the things that happens through this journey is rediscovering who WE are as moms, women and our new role in the world. Do we choose to quietly handle our “new normal” family life or step into activism and get involved in influencing and educating the general population?

I chose to step into my role because that’s just who I am. It is not for everyone. And it can be quite dangerous for some. We live in a bubble of safety and security but because of that, I’m able to be an open book and help other people by talking about our story publicly.

So now I’m here for you. Let’s talk about what you’re going through and let me take some of the weight from your shoulders and guide you more gently through this process. You’re not alone.

As well as being a coach of parents with transgender or gender non-conforming children, I am part of a national database called Ally Parents. We take calls and texts from youth who are struggling with acceptance in their own families and/or communities. I provide unconditional support, guidance and resources to parents who are stepping into their new role as the parent of a transgender or gender non-conforming child. I am a member of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, PFLAG, Gwinnett Chamber and on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners. In addition, I also run a photography business!


Advocate and Connected to a wider community

When we started this journey, I knew nothing and no one. Over the last 8 years, I’ve cultivated an amazing network of friends, “chosen family” and I am part of several AH-MAZING support groups. In addition, I’m part of a national database of “Ally Moms” so I have access to these dynamic women all over the country who are absolute experts on all things transgender in their area. Finding “your people” and having access to their resources, knowledge and unconditional support is something that I don’t think you can put a value on!

Nationwide reach from tv show appearances

{oh yeah, girl… “As Seen On Tv” haha!} We were fortunate to have met up with Jeanette and Jazz while they were in Atlanta in the early stages of our journey. Skylar and Jazz became quick friends and I still count Jeanette among my closest friends. I {heart} her! Jazz has become an amazing young woman who has taken her activism to the next level, speaking so eloquently about trans rights as well as showing people that she’s just a normal girl! Through the years we have been asked to appear on their tv show on TLC, “I Am Jazz”.

We were fortunate to have met up with Jeanette and Jazz while they were in Atlanta in the early stages of our journey. Skylar and Jazz became quick friends and I still count Jeanette among my closest friends. I {heart} her! Jazz has become an amazing young woman who has taken her activism to the next level, speaking so eloquently about trans rights as well as showing people that she’s just a normal girl! Through the years we have been asked to appear on their tv show on TLC, “I Am Jazz”. They have been the pioneers in the community, educating and advocating for the transgender community since Jazz was a little girl. Skylar has gone through some milestones just before Jazz did and Skylar’s appearance on the show not only introduces certain topics like dating and surgery, but also gives a fresh look at how normal these kids are and even in the face of such obstacles, they’re still goofy teenagers laughing and taking about farting, etc! I count my lucky stars that they were brought into our lives and I will forever be grateful for their friendship and unconditional love they share with us!

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