The Underbelly of Social Media

I have, like most people, a love/hate relationship with social media. Mostly, I love it. I get to keep in touch with friends and family from afar and feel connected on a daily basis. But then there's the seedy underbelly of social media....

Comparison: the thief of joy.

There is the Adult version ("She has the perfect significant other, the perfect kids/dog/car, she's so fit and active...."), the Business version ("They're killing it. I will never be able to be that successful."), and the worst version...the Youth version ("He/She is perfect. Everything they do is perfect. They go to all the best parties and are included in everything. I will never be that cool/popular/happy.")  While all versions are nauseatingly inaccurate and unfortunate, at no time is this uglier than when it affects our youth.

I know you all know this but I'm also 99.9% sure you all still fall victim to forgetting (and by "you" I mean "we") that the content people put on social media is, in general, a load of crap. Sure there are parts of people's lives that are great and they have moments of "perfection" but by and large, people put forth only the best parts of their lives and businesses. And frequently what you're seeing is a facade (think "setting, lighting, posing, best day ever at work").  No one is always at the top of their game. We have bad days. You know the days I'm talking about... and there would not be a camera within 100 feet of me on those days so no one is seeing the chaos that's swirling around me or the bags under my eyes, bad hair and no makeup. Just not happening. But *that* is my reality that I'm not showing the world. You'll only see the photos with the right lighting, perfect posing and sparkely smile. So what I'm realizing here is....  I'm part of the problem. Well I'm here to set the record straight... of all the photos you see on my IG or FB or SC, there are 150 others that didn't make the cut. 

My point is (yeah I started with a point) we all need to take a second when we get lost in our own jealousy and be grateful. Grateful for the little things (a soft bed, running water, a fuzzy pet) and also for the big things (our health, ELECTRICITYamazingstuffman, the love of a child or best friend). Start being more aware of those pangs of ugly inside when we look at someone's success/popularity/beauty and be happy for them... send it out there. "Wow, that's so great. I wish them so much success/friendship/continued beauty (b/c that shit don't no don't say that, bad juju)". Then focus on you and realize that you're a badass and everything you need for happiness and success is already in you. 

Aaaaa-men. Namaste. Peace.