6 Reasons ALL Momarazzi Need to Learn Manual Mode





"M" can be a scary letter on that dial. I know... I used to be afraid too back in the day. Then I learned a few things about Manual mode and lo and behold, my photo quality improved greatly!  Here is why:


Ever try to take photos during sporting events and everything turns out blurry or out of focus? Ever miss a special moment at a birthday party because your camera couldn't keep up with the action? Well worry no more!  Once you learn to control the speed of your shutter, you'll end up with beautifully crisp photos of events you will cherish!



2. Learn how to get a "BLURRY" BACKGROUND

Ever wonder how photographers get that nice blurry background, known as bokeh ("bo-kah")? It's all about aperture which is measured by f-stops. You've probably noticed this on your lenses where it says f/2.8 or f/5.6, etc.  This is how we control how much is in focus and is also related to exposure.



3. Learn to shoot in Tricky Lighting Situations

Shooting in front of a bright window is an example of a tricky lighting situation. Frequently you'll end up with a really dark subject. Below you'll see how I controlled the lighting so that Skylar is well lit while blowing out the lighting in the background, which isn't important to me.  This is a very difficult lighting situation and requires complete control over exposure to make it work.


4. Capture your family and friends the way YOU see them

As silly as they may be!  These are the photos we cherish most... the ones that show our children's true joy!  Get your shutter speed and aperture spot-on so you don't miss a moment.




5. Turn that FLASH OFF

Ugh... nothing sweeter than a little nugget in natural light. I mean, look at these photos! Flash would be too harsh for this type of photo and would create shadows where we don't want them.  Once you learn to shoot without flash, you'll try to avoid using it on the regular.



6. Choose your FOCAL POINT

This is a super powerful tool to learn. When you can control what your camera focuses on, it's a game-changer. Now you can create a mood and direct your viewers attention to exactly where you want them to focus.  





Summary:  CONTROL

When you learn to control your camera settings, you can control the outcome of your photos. And that is a powerful way to preserve your memories exactly the way you want to remember them.




**I have an online self-paced course available to help my fellow busy
parental units with the basics:


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4/9/2017 06:13:35 am

Great article! Thank you for these tips. I am going to play with my camera more often now.


Kris Janovitz