Let's Talk about Networking

As a small business owner, networking is part of the job. I network with other business owners, prospective clients, vendors... but the most powerful group I've ever networked with are other women.  ANY women.  Women are the bomb... they make shit happen. 

I have a story about just that... women making shit happen.

I used to network a lot in Atlanta.  Then I got burned out and stopped altogether.  Until one day about a month ago. I was sitting at my computer and realized, I needed to get away from the screen and get out and talk to some new people...in my area. I jumped on Meetup.com and found a women's group of business owners who were meeting *that night*.  Off I went ... 

and it changed everything.

A typical gathering of women business owners, which alone is always inspiring. But just when I was ready to go, I spotted someone that I knew I had to meet (I'm lookin at you Kathryn). She had a unique look about her and gave off amazing energy. I introduced myself and right away, she was on board to book a pin-up shoot. Kathryn is a hoot and SUCH a beautiful person.  I already know I'll know her forever. 

This is the thing right here that changed everything
o pay attention

Kathryn had a gathering for an essential oil education night. There I met Nancy.  Meet Nancy.  Nancy is a personal trainer and energy healer. This was only a month ago and I can honestly say that I already love this woman like a sister.  Nancy wanted me to work on her website and get some updated photos, so we talked and I was sold.  I told my boyfriend about how amazing this woman was and how I really thought this was going to be a great relationship, professionally and perhaps otherwise.  Cut to a few days later at a sushi bar.... I see Nancy leaving and tell David, "That's HER...that's the woman I've been talking about!"   David turns to look, turns back and says,

"Heh... I know her.  I used to date her."

WHAT? HOW? WHEN? OMG THAT'S AMAZING!  Yes... my new girlfriend is my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. And this is how I saw it... fate.  Nancy and I were meant to meet.  So what's changed? Here it is... since meeting Nancy:

avid and I work out with Nancy twice a week
(this is huge b/c David doesn't workout)

David goes to Reiki
(this is huge b/c David used to think Reiki was BS just two months ago)

At least three of my family members have had energy healing
(the shifts are palpable)

I introduced Nancy to a lovely girl I've known for years who is now giving Yoga classes at Nancy's studio

I have a new BFF

Everything feels like it's falling into place


The beautiful (inside and out) Kathryn


The first night I met Nancy


This past Sunday


he moral of the story? Well, tbh, it should be about the power of networking with other like-minded women and how women who build each other up and support one another's businesses are badass.  Which is all true.  But this post ended up being an ode to my girlfriends... which I consider both of these women up there. And it all started from a networking meeting.  

he End. 

Kris Janovitz