It’s time to think like a professional photographer… it will change how you take photos… and see the world.
If you’re taking photos that are not up to the standards you want for your memories because they are too dark, too light, out of focus, or just boring, I have some helpful advice here for you.
Let’s talk about emotion.  Without emotion, photos just aren’t that interesting.  This applies to not only photos of people but also non-human subjects as well.  Stick with me here.

1. Take candid photos
Posed photos are lovely and always a nice keepsake. But snap photos in between the poses.. see the laughter, irritation, love, body language.  THOSE are the photos that people will make an emotional connection to and feel the most “real”.  Photograph someone doing something they love in their own environment and you’ll see true emotion. 


2. Emotion in posed photos
Yeah, sometimes we have to pose family or friends for a photo. This doesn’t mean everyone has to have a glued on smile or expression.  Make your subject feel comfortable, make them laugh, have them moving around a little and anticipate the moment you want to snap.


3. Mood with inanimate subjects
Picture your childhood home. Do you recall how you feel when you have that image in your head.  That’s what we’re going for when we photograph inanimate subjects.  You can use atmosphere (fog, clouds, sun) that will influence the feeling the photo projects.  Lighting, composition, and color are some factors that can evoke different emotions within photos.


4. Use movement to create emotion
Let them dance!  Let them run… jump, skip… and shoot away.  Think of the joy you can capture during those moments.  If you’re at a water source, watch the waves or the river… try to capture the movement and motion of the moving water.


There are so many other different elements that create and evoke emotion in photos.  Consider what photos appeal to you and why then try to emulate them.  Use different locations, weather, light, shadows, angles etc.  Be creative and take A LOT of photos.  The more you shoot, the quicker you will find your “style” and find that happy place for your photos.
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Kris Janovitz