What can you expect from your senior shoot?

Not gonna lie...senior shoots are my favorites. There is so much flexibility with what we can do and girls, especially, come to the shoot with so many ideas of how they want to pose and what outfits they want to wear. It's so much fun. This past week I took some time and photographed my own senior, as well as her sophomore sister. This wasn't Skylar's senior shoot mind you. No, that will be much grander I'm sure, with our hair and makeup artist extraordinaire, Michele Franco!  

So what can you expect from *your* shoot?

*Expect to bring at least 5 outfits so we have lots to play with. And accessories are always a good idea!  Headbands, jewelry, shoes, scarves, props...all make the photos more dynamic.  

*Expect an hour of hair and makeup to get ready then at least two other shorter periods of time in the chair to amp up your look for each new outfit.

*Expect changing backgrounds, seating, lighting, and lots and lots of posing. You will likely be a little sore the next day! Being a model is hard work. But I'm here to guide you in order to get the best shots possible...and sometimes it feels awkward, but always looks great.

*Expect to have fun! It's a little daunting getting in front of a camera when the focus is all you. But I promise, we always have laughs and it's always a fun time.

Kris Janovitz