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Kris Janovitz - Coach, Mentor & Advocate for All Women

{ally and advocate for the Transgender community since 2011}

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Hi, I am Kris. I am the proud mother of three awesome children, one who is transgender. I’m also a photographer and a passionate coach for women who are going through the transition stage with their transgender child. It can be a confusing, emotional and complicated process, one that could potentially throw your life upside down. After going through this sometimes painful and complicated journey with my own daughter for the last 8 years, I decided to shift my time, passion and career to helping women through this emotionally complex process. And as a 48 year old woman constantly reinventing myself due to circumstances or boredom, I welcome women from all stages and walks of life to join me in a powerful coaching relationship!

Why I’m Qualified to Help

I understand. I was there just a short 7.5 years ago. But OH what I’ve learned since then. My mission is to guide other mamas on this journey and to save you the aggravation, frustration and SO SO SO much time that I spent researching, making mistakes and learning the ropes.


{oh yeah, girl… “As Seen On Tv” haha!} We were fortunate to have met up with Jeanette and Jazz while they were in Atlanta in the early stages of our journey. Skylar and Jazz became quick friends and I still count Jeanette among my closest friends. I {heart} her! Jazz has become an amazing young woman who has taken her activism to the next level, speaking so eloquently about trans rights as well as showing people that she’s just a normal girl! Through the years we have been asked to appear on their tv show on TLC, “I Am Jazz”.


When we started this journey, I knew nothing and no one. Over the last 8 years, I’ve cultivated an amazing network of friends, “chosen family” and I am part of several AH-MAZING support groups. In addition, I’m part of a national database of “Ally Moms” so I have access to these dynamic women all over the country who are absolute experts on all things transgender in their area. Finding “your people” and having access to their resources, knowledge and unconditional support is something that I don’t think you can put a value on!

{We attend the “Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference” every year where we have been panel members

and supported Jazz and Jeanette Jennings’ Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation}

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Dealing with a complex set of emotions {yours, your families and your friends} is one of the most difficult challenges. I know…I’ve been there. I help guide you by teaching you the language to help others understand as well as provide compassionate and truly empathetic advice and feedback.

What’s the process like? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What all do I need to think about. I’ve developed a simple checklist to help you plan your journey. The information out there can be overwhelming and sometimes inaccurate. I have spent years navigating on my own…I will streamline the information and resources for you.

Making connections with the right resources, physicians, hospitals and extended communities is essential. We’ll work together to connect you to the right people and places. Finding the best tribe for you as well as knowledgeable provides is a vitally important part of your journey.

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How I Work

Although I live in Atlanta,Georgia I work with women all over the United States through phone calls, video-calls, texts and face to face visits. I offer flexible pricing based upon your needs and budget. I am offering a free consultation so we can get to know each other.