Kris Janovitz - Photographer


Headshots, team headshots

We need to put forth the most professional versions of ourselves in order to command respect and consideration from prospects. Think about your ideal client searching for someone who provides your service or product. Does the profile photo on your website, social media or LinkedIn say, "I am the me, I know what I'm doing" or does it say, "I didn't put much effort into my own image so I likely won't be able to put much effort into you as my client"?  Think about who you would want to put your trust in as a client.

I produce top quality headshots for business professionals for use on company collateral and social networking sites. 

Presenting a professional image to the world requires…a professional photographer. One who can stage you in the right light, advise you on the right outfits, and ensure you walk away with the right headshot.