Don't be an ungrateful jerk (or, "Do something nice for Mother's Day")

People... Mother's Day is coming up. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Moms are the glue that holds most of our lives together. In most cases, they hold the family together...the glue in the center of the family universe. Don't argue with me. Sit down, eat your peas and then go clean your room. When you're done with your chores, go out and get your mom something nice for her special day. She deserves it and you know it.  

Ok so I know not everyone has a decent mom and some people don't have a mom at all. I get that. I don't live a sheltered life. I SEE THINGS I KNOW PEOPLE! However, surely someone in your life has been mothering and loving. Get them a ding dang card to show them you appreciate what they've done for you. 

Also if you happen to be a mother, godblessyourlittleheart. I know so many moms...some of you probably shouldn't be responsible for other human beings (throwing side-eye at them) but most of you rock! So treat yourselves to something nice for a day. Go get a pedi or have a few shots of tequila...whatever makes you happy (I may do one while having the other). You deserve it. I sure as hell do. ;-)

Pix of me and my cherubs and also MY MOMMA. Isn't she purty? I took her photos 2 years ago. Everyone should have a beautiful portrait of the most special person in their lives. Now my family has one of ours. <3

Kris Janovitz