Summertime and the living is way way easier

One more day. One more day until there are no daily alarms and making lunches and drop-offs/pick-ups at school. Glory glory alleluia. That's not to say there isn't "work" and "adulting" and "responsibilities" for me... it's just way more lax and, since I make my own schedule, later-in-the-day. 

I've already started planning my trip up north for a visit with the family on Cape Cod. When that happens, my brain starts to slip into neutral and that just won't do when it comes to work. SO, I'm combining play with work. I usually shoot one or two clients while I'm away and I'm looking forward to scheduling those appointments now. 

These appointments are going to be focused on more of a "Lifestyle" approach to family photo shoots. 

Check out my this page for more info...there's a video and scheduling information as well!

Kris Janovitz