Groundhog Day

...from Mother Nature's perspective:

"This is bullshit."

That's how I see it. Weather is her THING. She gets blamed for bad weather (rain on a wedding day... "Mother Nature is a bitch") and lauded for an beautiful sunset ("Ahhh, Mother Nature is amazing.") 

{This image of Mother Nature was just TOO good NOT to use.}

{This image of Mother Nature was just TOO good NOT to use.}

But now, here we are wondering if winter is going to go on another 6 weeks... and we turn to a giant rodent for answers. Mother Nature's all like, "WTF people. I slave away for you, day and night, making things all pretty and sometimes really f*^king sh#t up (it's all about balance folks) and then you're all like 'let's go get the groundhog and ask about the weather.' Great. Just great, thanks."


Not to mention she's losing out on a job to a male. Enough is enough. Girl Power, equality and Time's Up. Let Phil do what Phils do and leave this job to the ladies. 

Also, groundhogs can't really determine the length of a season and Mother Nature isn't real. So just go  watch the Weather Channel and keep your coat out... just in case.

Kris Janovitz