Are you on your vision board?

By now, I’d imagine everyone knows what a vision board is. But just in case, here’s a summary.

A vision board is a visually displayed representation of what you want in life. It is typically a poster board or a piece of paper that you fill with pictures or words that bring all of your goals and aspirations to life.

Karma Nelson Fitness VISION-BOARD2.jpg

image from Karma Nelson Fitness

Think about what you really want in or from your life. Career, relationships, health, finances, personal growth, even what kind of car or house you want. Find images from magazines and start cutting away. Get everything arranged on a board and maybe even frame it. Hang your vision board in a place you will see it every day to get inspired and fired up to take action to find a way to make your visions come to life. Simple, right?!

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Image from Joy and Sunshine

Want a real-life example? Here ya go....from my own life. Last year in January, I set an intention to have $XXX in the bank. I probably should have been a little more specific about HOW I wanted for this money to appear in my life. Unfortunately, we were involved in a bad car accident in April last year. BUT, guess how much my settlement was? Exactly $XXX. The money came to me, but not exactly the way I intended (without months of physical pain). Sooo, if nothing else, I’m here to let you learn from my mistakes. I give and I give to you people.
Ok so now you have your vision board complete and hanging in front of your computer so you stare at it every 3 seconds like me because I’m easily distracted. Let me ask you … how do those things make you feel? Probably pretty badass and confident. Now, is the image you’re putting out there in the world one of badassery and confidence? Do you give off the air of someone who drives that swanky car or lives in that lavish beach house? If not, it’s time to upgrade your self-perception and start acting like you own the damn place! I promise, when you exude confidence, people respond positively. 

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Kris Janovitz