This Valentine's Day, Do Something For You!

Know what happens when you're a happier, more self-aware person? The people around you benefit. Take some time for just you and focus on self-love. What you'll find is that you are perfect just the way you are at this exact moment. I like to say we are all "perfectly imperfect". There's no such thing as "perfect" in the sense that there's nothing left to be done to be better, richer, happier, more mentally and physically fit, etc. We are continually evolving human beings, faults and all. And that's what makes us perfectly imperfect. 

This Valentine's Day should be a reminder that the only person you should be striving to love in the most complete sense is YOU. In these politically and socially aware times, it's the year of the woman. I believe what I do for women is instill a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-love. Come and let us pamper you for a few hours... have a glass of wine, get your hair and makeup done and laugh while we have a blast taking pretty pictures. And leave with a heightened ego and some amazing images that you can keep for yourself or share with your loved ones.

Kris Janovitz